CCTV Surveillance System

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is one of the most important system now, not only for commercial usage, but also household to monitor the security surrounding us everyday. Low security level around us is the core reason that we are able to see CCTV in retail shops, coffee shops, café, lounges, clubs, office, commercial buildings and even personal household, apartments and condominiums.

BC Tech is ready to setup your CCTV system to go online in the Internet, so you are able to view your business premise or household while you are away. A simple setup using a computer with internet connection can be done in minutes and you can view from PC, laptop and even mobile smartphone as long as you are connected to the Internet. CCTV now goes as clear as 4K resolution.

Premises Security Alarm System

Premise Security Alarm System used to be only installed in business premises such as commercial buildings, offices, retail shops and factories. However, due to the increase of crime rate at residential area, more and more household would consider to have their premise secured with alarm system. New modern alarm system are easy to install and setup, and it can be use to notify the owner through their mobile phone if the alarm is triggered. It can be setup to notify the nearest police station as well. All it need is just an extra pair of phone line wire.

Premise Security Alarm System comes with various types of sensor to integrate with. Motion sensor, vibration sensor, magnetic contact point and even roller shutter sensor for the usage of roller shutter at business premises.

Autogate System & Door Access with EM-Lock

With insecurity feeling in modern living, autogate system become one of the famous security system for residential and even commercial premise. Autogate system is convenient, durable, safe and affordable now. It helps securing your premise 24/7 and it add value to your property as well. Autogate system is widely use on landed residential which allow the property owner to open/close the gate without needed to get off from their car and be more caution if anything happens.

Door Access system are widely use at commercial premises to secure their main or authorized door from unauthorized personnel. It is usable on any type of doors such as wooden, glass, metal door and more. It can be a card/pin/fingerprint/facial recognition access system integration. For advance usage, it can be integrate with Time Attendance Management System (TAMS) to records employees attendance.

Time Attendance Management System (TAMS)

Time Attendance Management System is an important system used by a company HR Department to monitor their employees on their attendance punctuality. From the old days, punch cards are being used to perform the task, but it can be easily abused and defeat the purpose of recording the attendance. So TAMS comes in action to replace the old punch cards and with fingerprint scanners, no one can help another person to punch in anymore.

TAMS works with various devices such as card, pin or facial recognition device, but fingerprint device will be the most cost effective and secure. Attendance report can be generated through the TAMS software for management perusal.