Terms of Services

Development Policy

It is the sole discretion of BC Tech to decline any project that we believe promotes racism, pornography, illegal business, or any other content of objectionable nature. BC Tech reserves the right to include the following phrase and/or image, or one very similar to, at the bottom of the page on all Web sites and/or application we develop: NanoCell By BC Tech
"Powered By NanoCell", and this phrase or image will not effect the look, style and design of any page, site or application. We further reserve the right to include any Web site created and developed by us in our company portfolio and/or client list.


Any quotation of service provided by BC Tech will be valid for a time period of 30 days from the date issued and BC Tech holds the right to make changes in the quote after the tenure without prior notice. BC Tech reserves the right to charge extra for any features or services not included in the original quote.

Fees and Payments

All service and/or project development starts upon first payment or deposit paid to BC Tech from client. Service and/or project development does not start from the order date, quotation date or the date quotation signed. Payment term for the services and/or projects as stated below:
  • New Project Development (Web site, software, application)
    • One-time contract.
    • 1st payment or deposit (kick start fee) - 30%
    • Progress claim as module deployed - 60%
    • Retention payment after project completion and users testing confirmation - 10%
  • Extra module or feature development (Web site, software, application)
    • 1st payment or deposit (kick start fee) - 50%
    • Progress claim as module deployed - 40%
    • Retention payment after project completion and users testing confirmation - 10%
  • Hardware (Computer, laptop, tablet, server, network devices, input devices, accessories)
    • One-time purchase
    • Full payment - 100%
  • Domain registration and hosting subscription
    • Renewable subscription.
    • Full payment - 100%
    • Domain registration and hosting subscription refers to new registration, transfer, renewal, etc.
    • Could be on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly or bi-yearly (2 years).
  • SEO Services
    • Annual renewable contract.
    • 1st payment or deposit (kick start fee) - 25%
    • Balance fee payment - 25% every quarter (3 months)
    • Contract allow to be freeze after every quarter in the middle of service period and resumeable at any time until 1 year contract is full.
    • Freezing period is not in the calculation of 1 year contract period.
  • Security devices (CCTV, alarm, auto-gate, door access, time attendance)
    • One-time purchase
    • 1st payment or deposit (kick start fee) - 70%
    • Balance fee payment after installation and commissioning - 30%
  • Any other possible payment term not stated above will be as per agreement between BC Tech and client.

Limitation of Liability

BC Tech will not be accountable for any damages (indirect, special, or consequential) or any loss of revenue which may arise in connection with any of the projects (web site, application, or software) developed by us. BC Tech does not hold any liability in case we stop or delay any project for any reason. BC Tech will notify the client of any changes in the project development status and make appropriate arrangements without any delay.

BC Tech will offer a refund to the client, if the project is stopped as a result of actions taken by BC Tech. However, in such a scenario the refund will be made by subtracting any billable hours from the amount paid at sole discretion of BC Tech. Any issues, damage, email problems, Web site hacks or attempts, or downtime which results from services or any outside hosting company, internet service provider, domain name registrar, or any other outside agency is not the accountability of BC Tech. Outside services are considered independent to those offered by BC Tech, and therefore BC Tech will not be held responsible for such issues.

Project Contents

BC Tech will not held responsible for any copyright infringements found on any digital or non-digital materials supplied to it by the client for the purpose of project development. The client must own or have copyright permission for publication of the materials supplied. BC Tech assures that all original files (PSD, Pictures, documents, etc.) and materials supplied to BC Tech will remain the property of the creator and will not be shared.

Web Site Content

The client is responsible for providing all textual and/or possible image content to be used on any given, proposed, designed Web page. BC Tech can supply the textual content for an additional charge based on the amount of content required, as and when required by the client. BC Tech will not held responsible for spelling or grammar errors in the content provided by the client. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all textual content supplied by the consumer is error free and proof read. Client may request BC Tech to offer a proof-reading/rewriting service with an additional charge.

Google Translate Disclaimer

Translations of pages on the site are performed by Googleâ„¢ Translate, a third party service which BC Tech has no control over. Translated pages are not part of the site. This service is an automated computer translation and, as such, will not be a perfect translation and will be prone to mistakes that a human speaker would not otherwise make. The translation should be used as a rough guide only. BC Tech in no way accepts liability for the accuracy of these translations or any loss incurred as a result of them.